Diplomat Chess Services


Chess Clubs

Rob has led chess clubs in dozens of schools, community centers, and even an Air Force base. They typically meet for an hour per week, and the time is split between an interactive lesson, thematic chess activities, and supervised play. Lessons depend on the group of children, but they range from learning the rules to advanced tournament strategies. Game time is structured using a "ladder system" to ensure players are paired with someone close to their own skill level. Enrichment clubs can be held before or after school.

Curriculum Classes

Chess classes during school hours? Yes!, and they will be taught by a certified elementary school teacher! Rob has over three years experience teaching chess as a subject for grades K-4. Students typically have chess class once per week, and Diplomat Chess has fully developed curricula for each grade. 

Private Lessons and In-Home Classes

Instruction takes place at the student's home or a location of their preference. Lessons are customized to each student, but typically include tactical work, strategic understanding, endgame technique, and game analysis. I do not focus on rote memorization, but instead teach a thinking framework that allows my students to navigate a variety of chess positions.

Tournament Coaching

Robert has chaperoned teams to over fifty local, regional, and national tournaments. He'll happily reserve a team room, give a pre-tournament group lesson, provide individual game analysis, and general supervision of children. Usually used in conjunction with a chess club, tournament coaching is one of the most effective ways for rapid improvement.

As soon as our son began learning chess with Rob, he loved it. Rob’s love and understanding of the game is always evident. Not only is our son learning and honing his chess skills, he is also learning to navigate hard life lessons. There are valuable lessons in chess that span far wider than the game, and Rob knows how to highlight and enforce those in a kind and thoughtful way. We didn’t expect our eight year old to be beating us at chess quite this soon, but we’ll take it!
— Katie, Parent
Robert Lazorchak has introduced our son to chess and has nurtured his ever growing passion for the game. Our son loves Coach Lazorchak’s lessons and is always excited to complete his weekly assignments. Rob’s approach to chess instruction is unique in that he blends his technical knowledge of the game with his experience in teaching. He knows how to help develop young players’ talent, while making chess playing fun and entertaining. Our son’s improvement owes so much to Coach Lazochak’s methods; his detailed review of the games played and his ability to adapt his lessons to my son’s increasing ability to focus and calculate moves as he becomes older and more experienced. But Rob has become much more than a great coach, he’s been mentor for our son and has helped him develop socially and as a team player. We will always be grateful for the time and effort Coach Rob’s invested in our son’s growth.
— Erin, Parent