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Program Director

Robert Lazorchak

Robert is a certified teacher and has taught thousands of children how to play chess over the past ten years. Prior to forming Diplomat Chess, he was a faculty chess teacher in Manhattan, where he taught chess to the entire K-4 student body and formed the school's chess team. Robert coached them to National Championships in under section in 2016 and 2017 and many of his students have been listed on USCF’s age-based top 100 lists. Robert is a USCF Advanced Coach and Tournament Director, FIDE Instructor, and holds a Masters Degree in Teaching.

You can also find Robert’s work featured on ChessKid.com and the e-learning platform, Kids Academy. Currently, he is consulting on the app Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf.

He lives in Chatham, NJ with his wife and son.



Robert Lieberman

Robert Lieberman is a certified teacher with over twenty years of general education experience. He has spent the past past twelve summers as the Head Chess Instructor at the Ramaquois Day Camp in Pomona, NY. He was a competitive scholastic chess player himself, and helped his school's team win numerous tournaments and accolades. Robert is a USCF Certified Coach.